Same Kind of Different as Me

To follow precedent, confessions first. I cannot, for the life of me, locate the page that I used to record our personal ratings for the NFSCD Winter 2017 book This Old House. Fail. I apologize fully. I wont even attempt to shift the blame… I mean, clearly both Democrats and Republicans are at fault, but uh, not I suppose for this particular failing (but you have my permission to blame them anyway). Confession\deflection portion complete. Moving on.


So, to continue catch up, next we read The Man Who was Thursday by GK Chesterton in May and the NFSCD ratings were as follows:

Fantastic NFSCD Member   Quality   Personal Pref/Would you recommend/Read more from same author?

                    Robin                   9              10 –  Yes to the right person and yes would read more.

                    Theresa               2               2 –  Yes to people like my son but no more for me.

                    Abby                    4/5           6/7No and no.

                    Erica                      5              8  No and no.

                    Sanna                     9              9  Yes to some and yes would read more.

                    Heather                 9              10 – Yes, I loved it and yes.

A varied response for sure! I hope I am not alone in that I love that. I consider it a sign of a great book club pick because we are able to see our different perspectives and tastes come out. Super fun discussion too! Thank you Robin! (And Dee, we missed you. 🙂 )

Our next book is Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall & Denver Moore (This was released as a film earlier this year so we may want to pursue a movie night in September, yes? No skofdam?)

Date: Tuesday, August 29th

Time: 6pm

Host and location: Abby and her abode.

Reminders: This next meet will also serve as our August Review so please come with critiques of our last year (ex. “Our club blogger is such a flake, am-I-right?”) and ideas for our next NFSCD year such as themes, page caps or minimums, challenges, etc. Sanna is our fall host (yessssss!) and we still need hosts for Winter, Spring and Summer 2018. Also, feel free to invite anyone you think is NFSCD material to our fall meet (this usually falls in October or November) as the group is temporarily open at the beginning of our NFSCD year. I know of two people already that may join our group so that’s always exciting.

See you all very soon!




January 17th 6:30 pm

This Old House: The Story of Clara Rust, Alaska Pioneer
Book discussion:
Perch House
Tuesday – January 17th
6:30 pm
Hostess- Sanna

How is everyone? I’m so glad we are all up for meeting sooner rather than later!  I read this baby in December so it is clever we are meeting soon or else my memory (truly for the lack of a better word) would surely have let me down as it does so faithfully.

This one was super interesting, am-I-right? Come ready to discuss and bring your tidbits of local knowledge!

I will have yummy food to munch on but be forewarned. We watched entirely too many documentaries on health, nutrition, the environment and animal farming before New Year’s resolutions hit and are now suffering the consequences of living under self banishment of all meat, dairy and egg products from the house. I KNOW. What the Tom Higgins?! Sure, ok no meat probably comes as little surprise but no smelly cheese?! I won’t shrink from your scorn but I will have a vat of hummus, bean dips, fruits, veggies, something chocolaty AND some wine because


(not entirely anyway).

If you know of any compelling documentaries or books on why

one should give up wine and/or chocolate


I will take it personally

(awkward laugh but seriously folks).


Robin will be our Spring hostess so I am excited to see what books she brings!

See you all in seven days!

August Review Results and October 12th

I am going to just skip the part where I purge all the guilt I feel for not being more on top of this blog. SKEEEEPPED.

Oh, well helllooooo! This is the first I’m seeing you!

So, our first book discussion of our new NFSCD year is afoot and approaching fast!

The Shooting Party by Anton Chekhov (Our first Russian novel!)
October 12th
6:30 pm
Perch House

Our August Review votes lead us to implement a 200 page cap on all NFSCD books for this year only and the hosts for the year are as follows:
Fall – Heather
Winter – Sanna
Spring – Robin
Summer – Abby.

We also shared some of our individual top favorite books and the Individual Top 3 Rundown looks like this:
1) Princess Bride by William Goldman
2) Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
3) Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
1) Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
2) Blue Sword by Robin Mckinley
3) Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey
1) Better by Atul Gawande
2) Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning
3) Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
1) House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
2) Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy
3) The Help by Kathryn Stockett
1) Perelandra by CS Lewis
2) Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy
3) Middlemarch by George Eliot

Next week I will also have the thrilling task (don’t judge me for my low bench mark for thrill) of handing out our very first NFSCD t-shirts! We have waited years and now they are a reality!
Bring your 20 green and come ready to expand your wardrobe with one signature item that is sure to make the rest of your wardrobe pale in comparison. Promising too much? I think not!
I determined not to wear mine so we could experience the t-shirts collectively, but then I slipped mine on just once and then well… Truth moment: I’ve never really been much of a team player and I loathe team sports. In high school when I was told at soccer practice “There is no I in team!” I thought, “Ok, I guess that’s why I won’t be found in one.” And also why I have worn my shirt heaps of times already.
BUT I haven’t worn anyone else’s so I expect points for that. I expect points for everything if I’m being honest but that is a glimpse too personal into my inner cogs so “DEFLECT & DIVERT!” as is my motto (What? You have a better one?).

See you all very soon!

As You Wish…

Our Spring book discussion was dreamy! What a book, am I right?!

Let’s get to the ratings straight-away, shall we?

The book was All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and our ratings were as follows:

Fantastic NFSCD Member   Quality   Personal Pref/Would you recommend/Read more from same author?

                    Robin                   9              9 –  Yes would recommend and yes would read more.

                    Dee                       9              9 –  Yes would recommend and yes would read more.

                    Abby                     9              8 – Yes would recommend and yes would read more.

                   Theresa                 9              8 – Would only recommend in another book club and no, would not read more from this author.

                   Heather                 8               9   Yes would recommend with a few disclaimers such as ” a few loose history facts” and “a beautiful book despite some of the descriptions (not the plot) feeling a smidge over the top.”  And yes I would read more.

Wonderful pick Robin and excellent time breaking it all down! And thank you Theresa for joining in at the end there! We hope you will join NFSCD!


And again, being true to our name NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT,

our summer book is:

The Princess Bride

by William Goldman

Host: Abby

Thursday, July 21st

Swords, giants, albinos, pirates, true love, evil royalty, torture, chocolate coated pills and rodents of unusual size? Just another day in the life then, aye?

Little known facts: I walked down the aisle to Mark Knopfler’s Storybook Love which is the Princess Bride theme song . Also when I was in Kenya I related the entire movie plot to the kids in the LTK orphanage and it took me about uh… I would guess approximately 1 hr and 38 minutes. Their attention was glued to me the entire time and I scored heaps of cool points and lots of cheering at the end. So, my reading this book is far overdue.



Evening of May 6th!

Hello everyone!


Robin is our next host and the date is set for Friday May 6th!

I have yet to read this book (don’t fret, I shall) since I have found it best to wait to consume NFSCD books till shortly before we meet due to motherhood. To be more specific, due to sleep deprivation that comes from nights of waking up every two to three hours for over two years that has laid ruin to my memory muscle.

I present a recent event as Exhibit A: Over two weeks ago, Robin like the beautiful accommodating human being that she is, gave me a date for our next meeting. I replied with “Nice! I will circulate that date tomorrow…” and then naturally, this exchange slid from the front of my brain to some dusty, dark and rarely visited corner. Fast forward to yesterday where I was siting around thinking, you know, as one does, and I thought ‘Wow, I really need to get on Robin to pick a date!’ and so there I go to look in my phone just to realize she had indeed already given me a date and I had dropped the ball like a royal boob.

I would provide Exhibit B of my rubbishy memory at this time but I have forgotten what it was.

Have you all been reading anything particularly good lately? Dave and I have been reading a lot of Bill Bryson lately (thanks to a recommendation from Robin). Pick some up! They are informative and super amusing.


Last things last:

The book was Mildred Pierce by James Cain and the ratings were as follows:

Fantastic NFSCD Member   Quality   Personal Pref/Would you recommend/Read more from same author?

                      Sanna                  5 +              5+

                      Robin                   6               7/8–  “Doritos good.” Possibly would read more J. Cain and might recommend to others.

                      Dave                     7              7“Really interesting how Cain describes the women.” Yes would recommend and would read more J. Cain.

                     Brenda                 8             6“Brilliant dialogue!” Yes would recommend and will read more J. Cain.

                    Abby                     6               5“Yes I would recommend to an avid reader for a snack read but not to someone who doesn’t read much.” Probably wouldn’t read more J. Cain.

                   Heather                 7                6“More cynical than I expected but still very good. Reminded me mildly of Ernest Hemingway but harsher.” Would recommend and will read more J. Cain.




Let’s get lyrical about weird food

Please do come hungry to our next NFSCD meeting for pie, chicken and waffles… and possibly some scotch. Abby has had the brain child that we should have a full on Mildred Pierce Chicken and Waffles experience and who am I to say no? No one, that’s who? I shan’t do it.

He was enthusiastic about everything, but when she came in with the pie he grew positively lyrical.

I say let’s get lyrical about pie, chicken and waffles!


But seriously, how the haggle did waffles get paired with chicken anyway? A brain child of too much scotch is my theory.

Come hungry!

Votes are in!!


You voted and while I don’t have a sticker to give you I do have a date!


February 12th


Perch Cottage

Finger food and drinks provided!

*And for the very first time in the history of NFSCD we are saving some chairs for the men in your life. Doesn’t have to be a spouse, relation or friend… wait, yes it does. Please don’t bring a stranger. Anyway, someone who enjoys reading and you think would enjoy our usual proceedings. Dave is planning on attending so at the very least one of you please bring someone at least slightly masculine for his sake. (You have my permission to play up the food aspect of the evening if you have to.)

And I have ordered this classic (as of this morning) so we need to pick yet another date. For our movie night I am thinking the Monday or Tuesday evening following our book discussion (that would be the 15th or 16th). Thoughts? Votes please!



Hello Mildred

Let me tell you a sad, albeit short story.

Well over a month ago I had a shiny new NFSCD post nearly ready to be posted and then disaster struck… in the form of my husband. That came out rather unkind. What I mean to say is he did one of those ill advised “close all windows” numbers (haven’t we all?) and inadvertently sent my pretty little post into oblivion.

What subconscious cheek!

I didn’t even tell him when I realized what he’d done, choosing instead to sigh a defeatist sigh and pick my moment to throw him under the bus… which is where he’s waving from at present if anyone wants to send him a wave back. (He may or may not be yelling gibberish like “That’s why you should listen to me and always write in Word then copy and paste it later! How many times does this have to happen to you before…” and then honestly it’s just repetitive riddles that nobody could understand.) Ok, story over.

It has taken me several weeks to get over my middle class defeatism to try again but here I am and now down to business.

The book was The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman and the ratings were as follows:

Fantastic NFSCD Member   Quality   Personal Pref/Would you recommend?

                      Sanna                  6              8/9 – Qualified no

                      Robin                   7               9 – Qualified yes. “Super engaging but probably not going to be a classic. No long term impact on my life.”

                      Dee                      7              9 – Qualified yes

                     Brenda                 2              6“Yes to someone who likes history but I warn to skip the whining.” OUCH! [Long whistle] Check out the honesty on her!

                    Abby                     5                5/6 – No

                   Heather                 5                 7 – Maybe… as long as Brenda wasn’t watching me.

Next book is Mildred Pierce by James M Cain.


The meeting is going to be in February so I will start circulating texts promptly so we can pick a date before our dear Robin heads off for her annual month in Maui. We are happy for you Robin! I mean, personally I would just haaaate having to go to paradise EVERY year; I mean, what a draaaaaaag, am I right?

I have been thinking of investing in one of the adaptations for a movie night but can’t decide which version to go with so let’s put it to a vote shall we? Which version looks more fun?


First one was made in 1945 and the second in 2011. The second one is a miniseries broken up into 5 parts so we would probably break it up over at least a couple nights (I offer limitless popcorn and La Croix). Or perhaps no one is interested in a movie night? Just let me know and I will either make it happen or kill this idea, votes depending.

A reminder that men are allowed to our next book discussion for the very first time! Also Robin you have the spring and Abby you have the summer! Now back to Mildred Pierce and her killer stems.

Wednesday October 21st

Our next NFSCD is coming at lightning speed!
October 21st
6 pm
I will text everyone directions to Sanna’s rooftop closer to the date. Can’t wait to see everyone and tear into this book!


I’m sorry this blog has been so long in coming! Yikes! What’s wrong with me?! I mean I have been pretty busy … I am a homeschooling mother of a six year old (whose destiny clearly is to someday rule from a position of unassailable and dominating authority therefore the bulk of my daily life is preoccupied in not becoming one of her minions), a two year old (who gives Pixar characters a run for their money in the enormous blue blinkers and mischievously precocious department) and a near three month old so of course I’m busy but… you know, can I be legit with you right now? When I say busy what I really mean is that I may have become a teensy-weensy bit, kind of, o-so-daintily and reasonably… obsessed with British TV. Wow. I know. I could have ridden that wave of saintly motherhood all the way to Sympathy Town but I hads to be real yo. I know. It’s bad.


The naked truth is my kids are actually pretty easy and the two oldest go to bed at 7 (yes 7. I know people find this shocking but if you take into account father dear and mother darling are in bed generally by 9 it’s really not that shocking… except now you know I have the bedtime of a geriatric… will the confessions never stop!). Added to that is my infant is a perfect human being that sleeps like a dream wrapped in a miracle delivered by heaven. So too busy to write a blog post? Probably. Not.

But then came last month’s discovery that for a mere $5 a month I could get as many Agatha Christies, Midsomer Murders, Doc Martins,

etc as I could ever possibly watch in this lifetime and I was dealt (note my verbiage allowing me to sidestep full responsibility) probably the biggest blow to my general productivity levels in this calendar year. I just can’t help myself and I don’t want to… please don’t send help. Just forgiveness.


Much love and see you all soon!